Monday, February 8, 2016

Trying to fall asleep with a racing mind...

So many things on my mind...
 -I need to make a doctor's appointment.
 -Possibly big news today or tomorrow.
 - I'm loving my new little piano that belonged to my aunt.
 - I need a haircut. The sides & back feel shaggy.
  - I need to start a Valentine's banner for a girl at work. Wait, that sounds a lil funny. It's for her boyfriend.
 - I need to practice Love One Another several more times, before Friday.
 - Church was good, really really good!
 - I'm thankful for my ever wonderful husband who does so much for me and our home.

 - I need to get to sleep but I'm so wide awake!! :(
 - I need to go grocery shopping for Friday.
- I'm thankful for the opportunity I had to bear my testimony in Relief Society today. I sure do love the sisterhood Relief Society offers. I'm looking forward to our RS activity, this week.

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