Thursday, June 14, 2012

Intimidated,party of one.

I was at my cousin's house today and we got to talking about Sonny.  My cousin's in his Dad's ward, so he knows Sonny's family.  He was giving me a lil run down about them.  Of course, he said that they're all really nice but I wasn't ready for him to tell me that they're ALL lawyers!!! All of them, even his Dad!!! All his siblings and all of their spouses!


And they're all pretty athletic and over six feet tall.  

I suddenly feel like Mahana.  

I'm brown, round and short.  I can't like someone like Sonny, I can't compare with stats like that.  I would never want to meet a family like that.  I'd feel so inadequate.  It's bad enough that I already feel inferior to Sonny because he's an extraordinary athlete and he's just so dang good looking!  How could he even bring someone home like me?

Yeah, so maybe I'm freaking out over nothing, but man, I just feel so intimidated and inadequate.  What does someone like me really have to offer to someone like him?  or anyone for that matter?



rneweyfamily said...

Don't sell yourself short. You are not just round, brown, and short, you are exotic! You have tons of culture in your family that many other people only dream of having. You are kind and loving. You have a testimony of the gospel. That is something that no amount of prestige or money can buy and the best "stat" you could have.

Hey, they may be prosperous all that, but do they know how to make a tea leaf lei?

Anonymous said...

What happened to my friend that sent me a pep talk e-mail just earlier this week. YOU are simply AMAZING...yes a little intimidating to be around all those attorneys but I am sure they have their own amazing qualities. So yeah I understand the intimidation factor of huhm what would we talk about? But you are super awesome and who wouldn't want to take you home to meet their family. The FOOL that does not take you home to meet his family..well like Mr. T would say (is that right) anyhow I pitty the fool!!

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