Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Lately, I've had this great desire and longing to hold a baby. I have no idea where it's exactly coming from?!  I guess since BabyChleo isn't a baby any longer, I'm going through withdrawals..  Most of my friends kids are now toddlers.  
As I was going through some old photos today, I came acoss this lil gem of my niece.  She was such a beautiful baby! I always imagined that my babies would someday look like her.  Just like her brothers, she smelled so deliciously cute, as a baby!!
Maybe I feel my biological clock ticking away?  
I would love to be a Mom.  I would love to experience pregnancy and the wonder of life growing within.  Oh how I would enjoy every moment of looking into my baby's sweet face and know that they're mine, forever....that they're both me and my husband, combined.  I imagine all the songs I would sing, as I rocked them to sleep.  Oh I miss the sweet aroma of a baby!!  
Man...... I really, really, really, want to hold a baby.  


rneweyfamily said...

Come visit me after the New Year and I will let you love on my new baby :)

steph k said...

About 8 months ago I suddenly wanted to have babies. I had never really felt it that strong before. I think mine was my biological clock... and maybe working in the Nursery.

Anonymous said...

Again, I love this post and the comments. However, am I a freak? I have never had that desire to have a baby. A toddler and a teenage yes but that baby phase is just not for me.

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