Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sensitive Sunday.

Yesterday, I took my friend Darci to church.  As always, it's nice to have a friend to sit with at church.  Since we both play on the same Softball team with Sonny, she wanted to go over and talk to him (to give him a hard time for a bruise that happened at our last practice.)  I wasn't really in the mood to talk to him because I was still embarrassed from our game, the day before.  However,  I did need to talk to him in regards to next week's Family Home Evening, since we'll be playing Softball.  {I just can't escape this game! I'm gonna improve one way or another!}  He started to stand up as I was trying to tap on his back....which ended up inches above his butt.  He turned around and looked extremely pissed.  I started to regret tapping him...or even being near him, for that matter. I tried to keep it short and asked if I could talk to him after church.  He mumbled something in agreement and walked away.  I felt stupid for even bothering him, but yet I couldn't help but wonder why he looked so annoyed.  Darci said that others around him also looked annoyed.  Really?? Annoyed at church...what's up?!
I couldn't shake the thought during Sunday School, so I turned to Facebook and changed my status to: 
"I wonder why some people look and act annoyed, at church :(" 
Maybe I've become extra sensitive now, since I like Sonny.  After church, as I was walking out of the women's restroom, (Darci was in front of me, and Ame was still at the mirror)  I turned and saw Sonny at the end of the hallway. I tried to sneak back into the restroom.  I didn't want to talk to him anymore, not at all!  I couldn't sneak back fast enough and he called out for me.  I was timid and could barely even hear my voice.  I just wanted to be anywhere but in that hallway.  I tried to make it quick, but it wasn't working.  However, he maintained eye contact a lil more than usual.  I was practically eye to eye with him, since I was wearing wedges. It ended up being a decent conversation and he was nice again.  At one point, when I changed the topic from FHE to our Softball team, I grabbed his arm {bicep}.  Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you touch a guy's arm, and then they flex a split second later!  I can't help but chuckle because I always feel the difference between a flexed and unflexed arm.  So obvious!! Well, Sonny happened to do that and MAN OH MAN, his arm was so big!!!  I mean, it was big already, but once he flexed it, it was HUGE!!! And SO defined!!!  My face was so warm, and I'm sure I turned red!!  Oh my gosh, he suddenly got a million times hotter!!  I have no idea how I finished that conversation because my mind was racing and thinking how hot this man is!!  
On the drive home, Darci told me that she commented on my FB status as well as someone else....
"Sorry Ehu, it was probably me. I always look intense when I'm at church. But I normally have good intentions. :)"  
It was from Sonny.  I kinda felt bad that he caught that, because I didn't think he read things on my FB.  Yikes.  But I'm glad he felt the need to apologize.  We'll see if I talk to him again at church.  I really don't want a repeat of his "intense" look again.  I just wish I knew him better.  With that said, I'll be seeing him tomorrow at Softball.  Wish me luck.  

((Ok.....now for my friend Ame....))
I went on a date last night (Sunday night).  It was with this guy I've been talking to.  We'll call him Pokemon.  Well he told me he was a nerd, but I didn't realize how literal he meant it.  Just because he's into comics, Sci-Fi movies, Comic-Con, & Halo, didn't exactly mean that he was a nerd, right?  Wrong.  That's basically his whole life.  In fact, he's already planning his Pokemon Trainer/Ash Ketchum costume!! He was so proud of the Pokemon catcher he made, that he brought it to our date, last night.  Oh, have I mentioned that he's 26 years old and never been kissed!!   He wasn't exactly my type...no I take that back, he wasn't my type at all.  I couldn't turn down his request of a date, I would have felt terrible.  Well, I had to push the date back by a half hour and figured I'd go ahead and eat dinner (thinking he'd do the same, since it was past the dinner hour).  Well, he didn't eat, so while we were at the Coronado Ferry Landing, he went ahead and bought himself some food.  I thought it was a lil rude that he didn't offer to at least buy me a drink, when I insisted that he eat, even though I wasn't going to.  Was I wrong to think that?  Nor did he offer to let me taste it.  Maybe it's just me, but I would have offered it to him, if the roles were reversed.  His jokes were LAME!!!  I couldn't pity laugh anymore, I was socially exhausted.  He told me he was nervous, but I tried to put him at  ease.  While he was ordering his food, I looked around and saw a movie poster for, Goodfellas.  I asked if he'd ever seen it and he quickly said, no.  Then with a self righteous tone, he asked me if I'd ever seen, Deep Space Nine.  I said, "no", and he snapped back saying, "See, same difference!!"  I was beyond myself....who the hell acts like that?!  I was just trying to make conversation.  It was obvious that he was socially awkward and it was going to be an odd night.  The only thing that kept me sane on this date, was thinking of Sonny's arm, from earlier in the day.  It was like pulling teeth trying to talk to him. On the phone, it was great, but in person, it SUCKED!!!  No personality at all.  I feel sorry for the guy.  I think he needs a Hitch in his life, someone to coach him a lil about the ins and outs of dating & women. He was kinda nice, but just very inexperienced, he was like a boy in a man's body.  I hope he gets kissed soon....26 and a VL....poor guy.  

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Anonymous said...

I love it...VL....How did you meet this guy? btw my friend I told you about wait I am going to message you my comment instead. I don't want wondering eyes to see.

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