Thursday, June 7, 2012

Perfect practice makes perfect...eventually.

I'm pretty in love with this song right now....and this artist {James Morrison}

Tonight we had softball practice. I feel a tiny bit more confident.  Can I just say how much I really dig Sonny?!  Seriously, he is so patient and optimistic.  I'm so hard on myself, and he was just so nice about all of my downfalls with softball.  Sometimes I feel bad for him because he's such a great athlete that I wonder what goes through his mind with the rest of us.  Most of us aren't at his level.  While we were practicing, he was throwing the ball to us so we could be better at pop flies.  He could throw the ball harder, faster, higher, and farther than most of us could even try HITTING the ball!!!!  He's so intense, but he's kind about it....not at all cocky, even though he's talented enough to be.  
I love love love the way he looks when he's speaking.  I could just watch him all day.  He has this cute little weird thing that goes on with his lips when he talks.  But I can never understand why he never keeps eye contact.  His eyes dart all over the place, like a nervous tick or something.  I like his little awkwardnesses, it just makes him so much more cuter.  
My friends say that I should ask him to hang out sometime, but I wouldn't want to make it weird or anything for the season.  Besides,  he could have any girl, why exactly would he say yes to me?  Playing softball with him, makes me feel so out of my comfort zone.  Trying to catch the ball is scary and my batting isn't exactly great, and please don't even get me started on the running part--that part's just horrible.  I have no idea why I signed up to play. I mean, I love to bat, but that's as far as it goes.  I mean, this guy is awesome at it and I just suck. But the more I'm around him, I notice how much more amazing he is as a person.  I admire his gentle nature and kindness.  It's so refreshing and reassuring as I stumble around the baseball diamond.  At the same time, I clam up when we're off the field.  I just feel like he sees me like such an imbecile because I can't play well.  
Ugh..... this is gonna be a looooooooooooooong season.  
It's like I have a love/hate relationship playing softball, with him.  

Wish me luck.  

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