Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So giddy I could scream!!!

Today has been quite a TERRIFIC Tuesday!!
I started off the day talking to Mama McK! Oh my heart swells with love for that woman!! I miss her dearly and always look forward to any chance I hear from her.  She is truly heaven sent for my life.
I had Softball practice tonight and thought it was gonna be ok.  Well, it sucked at first because I felt like I was shagging balls the whole time. I was just growing aggravated by the second.  Tat and Darci weren't there and I was stuck with one of my loud, obnoxious friends. I just wanted a friend there because I felt lame.  I barely made eye contact with Sonny.  I kinda kept my distance and I just had it with him mispronouncing my name (It's A-Who, not E-Who), so I finally told him my "knock knock" joke.  He knew that I wasn't all too please with him and I felt kinda bad that he could sense it.  Practice got a lot better once Darci showed up.  Afterwards, as Tat, Darci and I were walking to the car, I told her that I thought we were going to go eat.  She whipped around and started running towards Sonny's car.  She ran to invite him, for me.  Can I just say, how much my heart swelled with love and appreciation for her?!  We were talking with Sonny right after practice, and I was too nervous and bashful to even look in his direction.  {Softball tends to humble me, plus with all of his positive encouragement and optimism, how could I really be upset with him??  Besides, he is SO DANG CUTE!!!}  So off we went to In-n-Out....
Dang Tat got lost twice and I was getting worried by the second that Sonny would end up taking off.  When we finally got there, he was already eating.  (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)  Luckily, he stuck around and talked with us while we ate.  Yeah, it basically looked like a double date.    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED talking with Sam. It was just nice to be in a relaxed atmosphere.  Somewhere where I didn't feel inferior to him.  He's a really funny guy and, as always, I love watching the way his mouth moves when he speaks.  I found out a lil more about him.  He's so extremely patient and that just makes me like him even more.  We talked about Sunday and he even asked if my FB status was about him.  I felt terrible, but I answered him honestly and said it was him and a couple other people.  We talked about other stuff as well, but my ALL TIME favorite part from this evening, is when it turned into "Show & Tell".  His arms are MASSIVE!!!!!! I even asked him to flex and oh my heavens, I was in heaven!!! I went to touch it and it was just HUGE!!!!!!! Seriously, I've never seen, nor touched a bicep bigger than that!!!  He even let me punch him in the arm.  Yeah... and that's when the girly girl Ehu suddenly appeared!!! It's VERY RARE when that side of me comes out, in fact, I hardly show that side to friends.  I was so timid and shy to punch his arm and didn't want to hurt him {of course I wasn't going to hurt him at all, his arm was a rock!!!!} In fact, my fist stung a little after I punched him.  Seriously, I couldn't stop touching him....this man's body is rockin'!! I even got to hug him and I liked the way I felt (kinda) little against his rock hard chest.  


We discussed Sunday's events and his "intense face".  He promised to have a huge cheesy smile for me whenever he sees me at church.  I liked the fact that he was impressed that I served a mission. 

I just might enjoy attending this ward, after all.... :)  

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! Have a HUGE smile on my face. I wonder if I will come up as anonymous or with my name.

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