Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Birthday SimiSimSim!

Today, this kid turns 24! Seriously, TWENTY FOUR!! First off, I was just 24 and he was a kid!! How in the world is this lil guy:

now this man of twenty-four years?!
Time has flown by way too quickly! I don't remember much of his birth day, except that I remember going to the hospital to go visit him the next day (later that day?) to go see him.  I remember I was in 4th grade and was tripped out that I had a nephew! I was an aunt! I always felt like he was more of my younger brother, than my actual nephew.  However, I'm grateful that he's always respected me as an aunt, but treated me like an older sister. 
This year, I am touched by his birthday request.  He requested, via Facebook, that we all go out and do a random act of service for someone.  Seriously, that made me so proud of him! That touched my heart so deeply. 
I love my nephew Sim.  He's got a very good heart.  He truly does.  I know that he is always one I can count on to say something uplifting and to see the good amongst the muck of life.  My wish for him on his special day, is that he finds peace in all areas of his life.  He deserves it...and much, much more.
Happy birthday SimiSimSim! I love you!

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