Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th be with you!

I always love having dates with my sweetheart.  Luckily, I can buy discounted movie tickets at my work, so we went to see Spidey 2.  I enjoyed the movie, especially since Levi is such a fan.  I won't give any spoilers, but I could have REALLY enjoyed the movie, except for one part. :(

We enjoyed some Panda Express right before the movie.  I'm a fan of fortune cookies, as cheesy as they sound.  However, sometimes, I think they can be pretty spot on.  See above.

On Friday, I got some AWESOME news!! There was an opening in another department for my firm, so I kicked it to my ol' coworker & good friend, Mamacita.  I submitted her resume to HR, and she came in for an interview a few days later.  Long story short, they were obviously impressed with her so she'll be starting in about a week.  Dude, I'm so so soooooooo stoked! I wish she was in my department, but I'm just so happy that we'll be working together again! Plus, it's such a terrific firm and I feel spoiled to work there.  I wanted her to enjoy these same spoils that I thoroughly enjoy!!  I can't wait!!  I think she'll definitely get along with Tina, so it'll be great to have two friends to work with!

Speaking of work, I'm way stoked to get to work tomorrow. I've got some packages that were delivered over the weekend, so I feel like it's Christmas all over again!  Ok, I'm off to bed now.  G'nite.

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