Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Happy Place.

Some might think this post is crazy, but I just wanted to post about our bed. This is my most favorite spot in the entire world.  I love this bed so much!! It is big, beautiful and extremely comfortable.  Every morning, it's so difficult leaving this lusciousness of comfort.  Seriously, it's VERY difficult.  It just sucks me in and keeps me trapped there!  Even if I lie down for a second, minutes fly by so easily. 
Another reason why I love this spot so much is because of who I share it with.  The bed always feels a little bit bigger when he's not there, with me.  Sometimes I come home from work, before he's home, and throw myself on this bed to just relax.  I love sprawling out on it, but I'd much rather share it with my sweetheart.
All in all, this is probably the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on, in my entire life.  I love it so much!  Jokingly, I told Levi, "I think I love this bed more than some of my friends."  It's not the friends, it's just this bed is so perfect.
So so SO perfect! 


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