Thursday, May 29, 2014

Too Funny Thursday!

What a funny, crazy day!
Today, I was told that I would have my 90 day review at noon.  The last two times, I had a few days notice and the anticipation would build up.  I liked having the short notice so that I wouldn't get so nervous.  Surprisingly the review went better than I could have ever imagined.  Seriously, some of the nicest things I've ever heard concerning my job performance.  I can't hide the fact that I thoroughly enjoy my job and those I work with.  It's such an awesome office!
About a half hour after my review, my client team (there's 7 of us) received an email with Unlawful Detainer files that we had to open.  Although the email was addressed to all 7 of us, it was basically 20 files each for Tina, Chuy & myself.  My cubicle is in the far corner, with Tina on one side and Chuy right next to me.  When I received the email, I quietly wailed, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo"...but then I realized that CC started laughing (she sits on the other side of Chuy---two cubes away from me) as well as Brie, one of my supervisors I just had my review with.  I seriously didn't think that anyone other than Tina would have heard that! Everyone on the client team started laughing! Luckily, a manager had just emailed us saying that he was leaving early for the day so I jokingly exclaimed, "I was just bummed that he was leaving early! Such a bummer! Oh by the way, what's this? An email from Brie?! I better look into this!"  and everyone laughed even more.  Seriously, so dang funny! My face was so bright red because I was so embarrassed I had no idea that everyone heard my little Tourette moment. I went over to Tina's cube and she was still dying from laughter.  Ugh....embarrassing, but oh so funny!
I also forgot how to transfer a call to one of our attorneys.  Just as embarrassing.... Doesn't help when his office is about 10 feet from my cube. 
Lunch with Mamacita & Tina was also full of laughter.  We were talking about bugs & animals we're not too fond of and our reaction to them.  An hour of hilarity!!  Working with Mamacita & Tina is great! I'm so thankful to have friends, not just acquaintances, at work.
After work, Tina and I were waiting for the elevator to head to the garage.  One of the five elevators is a little faulty.  Apparently, it stops in between floors and for one co-worker, the elevator stopped along with the AC & lights.  That just happened to be the elevator to pick up Tina and I, this evening.  I'm not gonna lie, I get a little nervous whenever that particular elevator opens up.  Tina and I got in and hit the button for the garage.  As we descended, it suddenly stopped at the 3rd floor and lingered.  The doors didn't open, it just lingered.  I started to get nervous and thought, "Oh no, the lights and AC are gonna give out any second!" Next thing I know, the elevator started moving and we started to go up!  The doors opened on the 7th floor and a woman got in.  I wanted to get out and wait for another elevator, but it was too late.  We started going down again and the elevator stopped on the 3rd floor and the doors opened up this time.  No one got in, but I jumped out! There's was no way I was going to ride this faulty elevator again!  Tina and I waited for an elevator to come and wouldn't you know it... the faulty one came back up, sans 7th floor woman!  I totally thought she was going to be in it but I guess she got to the garage floor, so that gave me some hope that this dang elevator wasn't so faulty after all.  We got in and it slooooooowly descended to the garage floor.  Stupid elevator....ugh!  We got out and started laughing more! Oh what a day!
What a funny day of laughter! Man, I loved it!  Guess you had to be there....

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