Friday, May 30, 2014

Work Dreams.

This week, I've had 3 dreams about work.  Not really something I'm excited to admit.  I mean, really, who has dreams about work?!? 
About an hour ago, Levi woke me up because I was talking in my sleep about SODA's (Statement of Deposit Accounts) and move-out statements! So so soooooooo odd! I mean, it's a little funny that I was in his face asking if he had a SODA... poor guy was probably confused why I was asking about a drink and move-out statement.
Speaking about work....
I think this is how I felt with the load of work we had dropped on us today. 
And then we got an email from one of the lawyers that we have so much work backed up that we're sitting on 1,200 files totaling about $4.2 million dollars!
We had a team meeting on Wednesday and we were told that we had about 500 UD (unlawful detainer) files waiting to be opened.  I was shocked.  Then when I received the email today about 1,200 files waiting to be opened and waiting on supporting docs, my shoulders felt a little heavier.  There's only 6 of us on the team that actually open files each day, so to say we feel overwhelmed is a huge understatement.  The pressure is definitely on! That is for damn sure! However, I'm so thankful for my team, because we get along so well and work great together! Love it!
But besides that, I continue to love this firm that I work for! Seriously, so awesome!!!  Chuy told me that after my 6 month mark, I qualify for "half days".  When the collectors make their goals each month, we get a [paid] half day off for the next month!  I mean, how cool is that?! 
Have I mentioned how much I love this firm?!

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