Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I was fortunate enough to spend it with some of my favorite people...
I know the last photo isn't the very best of my Mom, but I like it.  I'm glad I was able to get a photo with her, even though she just popped in the last shot without knowing we were doing IncrediBooth photos. 
I've thought a lot about my relationship with my Mom.  The last few years, our relationship has been rocky.  We haven't seen eye to eye on certain topics, but I know deep down inside that she loves me.  I've often gotten frustrated with her because I thought she wasn't the kind of Mom I wanted.  Heaven knows, she's probably thought the same thing about me, as a daughter.  I can only hope that she knows that I've tried to be the very best daughter I knew how to be, because I'm pretty sure that she's tried to be the very best Mom that she knew how to be, for me. 
At the heart of it all, I'm grateful for all that she has ever taught me.  Sometimes, I miss seeing her every day, but not a day goes by when she doesn't cross my mind, because of something she taught me.  Thanks Mom.

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