Monday, October 6, 2014


Dear woman in the motorized shopping cart,
When I turned around and saw you with a cart full of items, behind us, I thought I'd offer you help because you made me think of my mom.  You made me think of what a struggle it might be for her to get up from the cart and have to lug all her groceries up on the cashier's conveyor belt.  I know you saw my husband next to me, but you probably didn't see the exchange I had with him before I offered to help you out.  I pulled out my ATM card, told him my pin number so he could pay for my items.  He was helping me out so I could help you out.
When I asked if I could help you, you didn't need to point out that only women offer to help, not men. (Plus, you didn't need to point at him as you said that!)  From the stories you shared about men never offering to help you, even though you've taught all your sons to be perfect gentlemen, you don't need to generalize all men as being scum bags.  You mentioned that you taught your sons to always be helpful, to open doors for women and treat women with respect.  Unfortunately, you didn't hear me when I pointed to my husband and said that he's just like that!  He's a perfect gentleman and holds all my doors and is helpful in so many ways.  I know you didn't hear that because you continued your rant.
Thankfully your daughter showed up to help you because I started to rethink my offer.  Please don't ASSume that all men are the same because you've had a bad run in with one or a few.  They are not all the same. And don't you ever point and assume that my husband is like the men that you so despise. You don't know him.  He is generous to the point that he would buy all your groceries and put them all in your car....or if needs be, he'd give you a ride home and carry the groceries to your door!  And if I should ever come across you again, I just might think twice about helping you when you don't seem grateful for the help in front of you and all you want to do is rant and complain.  You need to learn to have a more grateful heart, no matter where or who it comes from.


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