Monday, October 6, 2014

Still sick.

I hate getting sick.  I think it's just gross & obnoxious.  I feel bad for Levi because I kept moving all over my side of the bed as I was trying to make myself sleepy by cruisin' the internet.  My nose kept running and I didn't want to stuff my nose full of tissue and try to breathe through my mouth.  It was just not pretty.  It's much different being sick after your married, like you don't want to get your spouse sick but unfortunately it happens sometimes....a lot of times.  Plus, you can't just do those weird/gross things you do when you're sick & single.  Like one thing I do is stuff tissue in my nose because my nose starts to hurt after rubbing and blowing it so many times.   The things you can get away with, when you're sick and sleep alone.  However, the beautiful part about being sick and married is that you have someone who wants to make you as comfortable as possible.
Last night, I couldn't have been more grateful to have Levi warm up dinner for me.  The little things matter so much more when you're sick.  I had a splitting headache and was feeling nauseous. It made me think what the heck it would be like to have morning sickness someday. Man oh man, not really looking forward to that. Yikes.  So in the meanwhile, I've gotta kick this cold so I can go to work tomorrow. DayQuil....c'mon, work your magic!

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