Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Quiet Life.

It's 8:23am on a Saturday. I'm trying not to wake Levi so I'm trying to think of things I can do as I anticipate him waking up. So I shall blog, on my phone...
You have no idea the trouble and money I went thru to get this ^ here!!! Ugh!!! But it's here and just in time for tonight's Ward luau!!! I'm stoked!!

After I got my pedi, Thursday night, I found my photo on Yelp....thanks to whoever Mary's DIL is. It would have been nice had she asked us before taking the photo if we'd be cool with it on Yelp! Besides you can barely even see Mary! Ugh, a lil annoying cause I looked a lil too relaxed (as I should be when getting a pedi!!)

Moving along...
I want to be Tofu for Halloween (at work!) I think it'd be funny! It'd seem odd to some, which would make it even funnier to me!!

This picture cracks me up, especially since I know it can be bothersome to those four groups of geeks! 

This is what we had last Sunday for dinner. It was suppose to be for the Chargers game, but we were sick, so it didn't quite work out. I will say that food/snacks make football a lot more fun!!

I had to work last Saturday.  My coworker Chuy was very late! We were all supposed to arrive at 7am. He showed up at 8:30, his usual M-F start time. This was the harassment group photo he received, courtesy of moi!

We finally received our marriage certificate!!! Makes me happy! Next step: name change! That makes me happy & nervous. For 33 years I've had the same name and I've grown accustomed to it. I think in a way, it makes me feel like I'm not my Dad's lil girl anymore since I won't have his last name any longer.  However, man am I grateful I'll have something easy in my name! Luckily Levi has a very easy last name so that might help when I'm giving out my work email address ALL. THE. TIME.!!! Anyways, it'll be nice to feel united with my husband and share the same last name. 

This is the Tijuana, Mexico LDS temple. I couldn't be more stoked for its completion. I can't wait to go see it and go thru the open house with Levi & my family. I'm so glad my sister speaks Español! It'll be so awesome!!

I love fortune cookie fortunes! Mine was the top one! {obviously ;)}

I've be on a fan of Eric Weddle, from the SD Chargers! It helps that he's a great player, LDS and seems like an upright guy!

Ok, I think it's time to start my Mac salad for the luau tonight! I'm so excited! Can't wait now if only Levi would wake up, that would make this morning even more spectacular! But he deserves to sleep! Full time work and FT school is quite a feat! He's such a hard worker! One of his many traits that I love and admire. 
Oh how I love this man so truly! My cup runneth o'er! <3

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