Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Three Blessings I'm Grateful For Today...

1. My 20 minute phone call to my best friend MamaStephy! So grateful she had the time to pick up and shoot the breeze.  (someday I'll meet her 3kids) I think I laughed more in those 20 minutes than I did all day. I love & miss her so!

2. Enjoyed a scrumptious SmashBurger with my old childhood best friend Eidde! I feel like a kid again anytime we get together. I love it! Time surely flies by!! 25 years...WOW!!

3. My sweetheart that I'm blessed and lucky to start and end each day with. Coming home after work to find the whole kitchen clean & all the dishes washed. I love this man more than my heart can ever express. 

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