Monday, October 13, 2014

Happiness on a Monday!

Today, I felt uber cute (even though stupid cramps were kicking my trash). My  hair felt full and long! At least five women in the office complimented my hair asking what I did differently to it. If only they knew that it was actually day old hair! Ha! I think my hair always looks better the next day. 
I think I was feeling great because of the wonderful weekend I spent with my sweetheart. It was just so great to spend our down time relaxing and truly enjoying each other's company. I LOVED that!  
We were lucky to spend our Saturday evening at my ward (church congregation) annual luau! The Kalua pig was fantastic!! Plus I LOVED our outfits!!
I seriously loooooved my mu'umu'u!!  I felt so beautiful! I plan on buying another one or two more! 
Anyways, I had a spectacular weekend with my sweetheart! I always love spending every minute of my weekend with him. 

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