Monday, November 4, 2013

Dude, it's Monday.

*This picture makes me laugh!

*I always have THE BEST weekends with Levi! He's just so much fun and we laugh so much.  I just realized this morning, that yesterday was our monthly anniversary.  Lucky #13!  I love that man!

*So I'm into Walking Dead, now.  Sometimes, when I'm driving, I like to think about how I could survive a zombie apocalypse.'s really random, but you never could come in handy, someday. {but I really hope not}

*I survived Day 1 of my sister not being in the office.  My motor mouth coworker and I didn't strangle each other.  Then again, we're still in the "honeymoon stage".  We've still got 5 more days together. Pray for me.

*Movies I can't wait to see: Bad Grandpa, Gravity & Thor.  

*My iPod that I've had since 2007, that had 11,000+ songs, died.  It just quit working.  I didn't drop it, and in fact, it was in really great shape!  I'm so bummed.  So I bought a used one (I didn't really care) and so far I only have 800 songs on my iTunes.  Sad, sad day.  I'm bummed that I lost so much music, but honestly, I wanted a new iPod.  My old one was engraved from an exbf.  However, I have to return the "new" one because it's acting weird and not downloading my 800 songs.  Lame.  I think I'll just myself a (real) new one, after all.  Happy Thanksgiving to myself.

*Ok, I'd go on with the randomosities, but I'm gonna go home now.  10 hours chained to my desk makes for a very long day. 

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