Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Kids.

As my sister's been out of town this week, I've enjoyed the extra time I've been able to spend with my youngest nephew & niece.  We've had them over for dinner a few times this week, and afterwards we'd play Speed or Egyptian War.  I know it's a simple thing, but I've really enjoyed the little time we do get to spend together.  They're growing up so fast, so I know that they'd rather spend their free time with their own friends.  I get it.  I was 12 & 18 years old once.  It's hard to believe that my two older nephews are 23 & 21 and living out on their own in another state.  I miss seeing them. 
How in the world does time fly so quickly?  I wish I could just bottle up time and keep all my nephews & nieces so young. I feel so old when I feel like this.  Then I start to wonder how I'll be when I have my own children someday.  I think I'll be even more nostalgic & sentimental.  Yikes--not good!  I mean seriously, it hurts my heart just a lil when I think of how old all my nephews & nieces are.  They are such kind hearted, intelligent and funny individuals.  I see so much goodness in them that I count my lucky stars that I get to have a front row seat to their lives.  How lucky am I!

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