Monday, November 18, 2013


This past weekend, Levi and I headed up to Julian  It's about a 50 mile trip up the mountain.  I haven't been to Julian since I was a teenager, and in that time I totally forgot about how windy the road is on the way to Julian  Oh man, I should have taken a Dramamine!  I'm so glad Levi drove.
Anywhooo, we got up to Julian and walked around, checking out all the lil shops on Main Street.

 We were also able to get some great shots of the fall foliage....

It was so wonderful to see the beautiful colors that Autumn has to offer!  It makes me long for the east coast!!  I miss it so much! I miss seeing so many trees with red, orange and yellow leaves!  I'm so glad I can get a lil piece of New Jersey, here in San Diego!
We walked around and took more photos! I love going on photo adventures with Levi.

 Julian's such a quaint lil town that sometimes it's hard to believe that it exists here in San Diego.  I love being able to go from the ocean to the mountain in just under 60 miles.
To complete our lil Julian adventure, we had to eat some yummy apple pie, of course! Julian's known for their apples, apple pies & apple cider!  Oh man! We hit up Julian Pie Co. and that windy trip up the mountain was all worth it!

 I ordered the Caramel Dutch Apple Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream! Oh man---AMAZINGLY DELISH!!! I seriously LOVED IT!!!!!!  Levi ordered the Dutch Apple Pie w/ Vanilla Ice Cream, and we both had the Hot Caramel Apple Cider (which was HEAVENLY!!!!!)
All in all, it was a lot of fun and I always love any reason I have to pull out my pea coat! It was a bit chilly up in there, about 55 degrees! Wowzers!  But I loved it though! Thanks for the great idea, Levi!

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