Sunday, February 9, 2014

I just might like working here...

Man, when Friday rolled around, I was DEFINITELY ready for the weekend!  I was ever so grateful that it was Friday.
So far, I like working here.  My trainer is terrific and my cubicle neighbor is always ready to help.  I like the rest of my cubicle mates/co-workers, they're all so nice and funny!  That totally makes the work day better!  If the morning traffic wasn't such an ordeal I would have nothing to gripe about.  Seriously, I enjoy working here, so far.  I'm stoked to see what lies ahead!
I've never worked in a cubicle before.  I've had desks in offices, but I'm new to the cubicle life.  I like it, it's different.  My cubicle is the first one, right on the corner, so anyone who walks into our side of the office automatically comes across mine first.  It's a drab sight.  I look at my cubby mates and their's are all decorated and lively, sadly mine and Matt's (my neighbor) are boring.  He's the only guy in our 7 member team, so it's kind of ok that his is on the minimalist side.  Tomorrow's my 4th day there, so that too is okay.  However, anytime I walk back to my cubicle, it's just a sad sight.  It's like it's obvious that I'm the new girl.  Luckily, on my first day, I brought along a tropical calender and bright pink picture frame of me & Levi.  This weekend, I made it a goal to get some more items.  We bought some plants for my desk, and magnetic picture frames I could hang on my top storage cabinet.  I made some marble/bubble magnets:
which I can't wait to place around my cubicle!  Aren't they just so unique and cool?! Love them and totally loved making them!  I bought a Chuck Norris desk calender, with lil ChuckNorris'ism for every day!  Can't wait!  I also bought a bottle of lotion, so I don't dry out from the office AC and antibac gel.  I feel like I would work better if my office space was more "Me"--warm, funny, lively and a lil unique.  I even started a Pinterest board....yes, I'm a nerd.  I can't wait to get to work tomorrow!!  Can't wait to see the cubicle come alive!

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