Monday, February 3, 2014

A new adventure on the horizon!

The day after tomorrow, I start my new job! I'm way stoked!  Two weeks ago, my General Manager said that the CEO wanted him to make some cuts, and sadly, I was one of them.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with them, but knew that it wouldn't go on forever.  Luckily, the next morning I found a job posting on Craigslist (I have such good luck finding the greatest "finds" on there!) sent in my cover letter, along with my resume and heard from them that very afternoon!  I was surprised!! I had an interview that next afternoon, and was told I would maybe hear back from them by next Wednesday.  As I was out shopping with Levi, Monday afternoon, my phone rang and they were asking me back for a second interview!  The next day I showed up and met with the department head......oh man, I was way nervous!!  That was a Tuesday, and I was told that my background check would take about 3-5 days.  However, I received a copy of my background check the next afternoon, so I figured I'd probably hear back from them by Friday....or at least I was hoping to!  Friday came and still nothing.....the next day was Eidde's wedding and I wanted to be able to enjoy the weekend!  I was a lil worried and even expressed my hopelessness to Levi.  As I was cleaning out my closet at my parents', my phone rang and it was the HR from the law firm.  She didn't sound too cheery, so I thought I didn't get it....til I suddenly heard, "We would like to extend the offer of the position...." and I was in like Flynn!  I was so stoked!!  I just had to call Levi to share the good news!  I'm way stoked!  Work will be about 12 minutes away and I even got offered the higher pay!  I'm way stoked to have luxury of medical, vision, & dental benefits again, as well as 401K and PTO/Sick time, after one month!  With all the great things this job has to offer, I'm a lil nervous cause I'm definitely going to need to hit the ground running!  EEEKKK!!! But I can do it! I've got this!
I'm just so happy with all that this job will bring.  I'm so grateful for this awesome blessing!  I'm grateful to a Heavenly Father who is ALWAYS aware of my needs, wants & desires and blesses me accordingly.  I can't help but get choked up in the thought of the specific blessings I receive.  My heart is ever so grateful. ♥

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