Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's at it's finest....

I was surprised with this lovely arrangement of Tulips, at work!! Oh how I love my sweetheart so!  (I just pulled the flowers out of its ProFlowers box, so they were VERY thirsty)  I loved the chocolates that came along with them, but the card was my favorite.  My sweetheart writes the most endearing and sweetest cards.  I felt so special receiving this sweet gift!  He's so thoughtful!

I loved the card I got for him.  It played "Wild Thing" when opened.

 We spent our Saturday cruising around San Diego taking photos.  We ventured to new places, in and around North Park & Golden Hills, which had a nice view of the SD skyline.  Enjoyed some sundaes at Mr. Frostie and checked out Crystal Pier for the first time (for me).  That pier worked my nerves.  Poor Levi's hand was a lil red after I held on to it so tight! It's nothing like IB...those dang wood planks shouldn't move so much! Eeek!

Levi made us reservations at Buca de Beppo...where it all started.  I loved being there with him.  I'm just glad I wasn't as nervous as that first date.  So many things came to mind, as I sat there across from him.  I thought about our first conversations.  I thought about how much I wanted to reach across the table and hold his hand.  I also thought about how cute he was to play footsies with me under the table, on our first date.  In all of my reminiscing, I couldn't help but think of how lucky I've been these last 16 months.  I wish I had known on that Sunday evening, that I was embarking on best adventure of love, happiness, humor and friendship!   My card really is true, happiness is found in loving and being loved in return...especially from my Levi.  I never dremt that I'd get this lucky to have the best Valentine in the world....oh how I love him with all of my heart!

I like seeing my Valentine's flowers in front of my Vday 2013 gift, my hope chest that Levi made.

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