Monday, July 2, 2012


*Today's been an emotionally exhausting day.  Didn't expect my day to start out with an argument that would only lead to crying.   I'm so sleepy and my Meniere's has been terrible lately.

*I went on a date, Friday night, to The Prado.  The food was scrumptious!!!  Just like the server said, the Braised Beef was so tender I could cut it with a spoon!  Loved it! We ate outside on the terrace and had a lovely view of Balboa Park.  My chocolate dessert was delectable!  VERY enjoyable evening.  Do I like the guy?  Hmm, not sure yet.  "Logan" was very nice, but he is 14 years older than me and lives about 45 minutes northeast of SD.  We'll see when he gets back from his trip, next week.

*The day of my date with Logan, I received an invite for a hang out at Sonny's place.  A group of friends were gonna meet up at Sonny's, soak in the jacuzzi, swim in the pool and watch a flick. I was torn! I wanted to go to Sonny's, but Logan already made reservations and I just couldn't back out.    I was gonna try to go to both, but our stroll around Balboa Park was longer than expected.

*As much as I enjoyed going out with Logan, I couldn't help but think of Sonny. I made up my mind that I would ask Sonny out.  So I did, after our Softball game on Saturday.  We chatted about some church stuff and then I just asked. Here's how it went....

Ehu: Hey Sonny, I was just wondering, would you like to go out sometime?  I was thinking some frozen yogurt.
Sonny: Oh, um.... {intense thinking face}
Ehu: Well I know we couldn't do it tonight because of the stake BBQ.  Do you ever do things on Sunday?
Sonny: Sometimes.
Ehu: Is tomorrow one of those "sometimes" Sundays?
Sonny: Well today's my niece's birthday, so I don't know if we're celebrating today or tomorrow and I've gotta go buy her a gift.
Ehu: Oh ok, and I know next weekend's out of the question since you'll be out of town.
Sonny: Yeah.... {intense thinking face now looks a lil confused}
Ehu: Well alright, we can figure something out.
Sonny: Oh alright.
Ehu: I gotta get going, so I'll just catch you later.
Sonny: See ya.

Yep, that's how it went.  I ended up seeing him later that evening at the BBQ.  We talked for a tiny bit and ended up playing Ping Pong together.  We wagered Phil's BBQ, and I lost.  Later that night, I was talking with a friend from the ward, who told me that she had invited Sonny and his roommate over for dinner.  She insisted that I come over because then I would be able to hang out with Sonny.  I thought that would be a great idea!  During church, my friend reminded me of her dinner, to which I asked if it was confirmed if Sonny was going to be there. She said that he was definitely going to be there with his roommate.  I bowed out of the dinner.  I saw him a lot on Saturday and just didn't feel like it would be such a good idea to go.  Then I started to think, "What happened to his niece's birthday party? Was that his way of nicely telling me he wasn't interested?"  Probably was. 

*I haven't mentioned that my friend Mare is in town from Utah!!!! We've been friends for about 13 years!

It's been so great having her here!! We hung out at Coronado Beach after my Softball games and went to the Mormon Battalion Center.  We met a new guy in my ward, and he tagged along.  We ended up at Cafe Coyote afterwards, drinking Mocktails and swapping hilariously scandalous stories! Goooooooooood times!


Anonymous said...

So what are you doing now? Did you go to the Fair? I think not based on the time of this post. I am sitting at work - I will be leaving here shortly and i don't necessarily want to go home but I know I don't want to go to the fair.

steph k said...

men make me crazy. the end. :-P

but I'm glad you had a good date! Those are always nice things. :)

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