Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Our first date was on Sunday night, at Buca di Beppo.  There's a complementary photographer that comes around to take photos, but I couldn't see ourselves shelling out $10 for a 5x7 that I could have just taken with my camera.  Luckily, they give you a tiny postcard of your photo:
(Sorry for the graininess of this picture of a picture)
We had the Veal Parmigiana and meatball.  SO sooo goooooood!!!  We also had a cannoli and it reminded me of New Jersey. Afterwards, we had an extra veal parm and cannoli that he was going to send home with me.  A few months ago, I made it a point to never take home a 'doggie-bag', I would rather find a homeless person who could benefit from it.  I tried to get him to take it home because, after all, he did pay for the meal.  He insisted that he would rather I take it.... so I had to tell him about my true desire for our leftovers.  He was totally kosher with it and we were able to find a gracious man to give it to.  Levi was so sweet, hugged me and kissed my forehead because he had never thought about ever doing that with his leftovers.  Giving a lil service, while on a date, made the date so much sweeter!

Originally, our first date was going to be on Monday (yesterday) but we both couldn't wait that long.  He wanted to take me to Hodad's in Ocean Beach, since I had never been there before.  A couple years ago, I tried, but the line was too long. Luckily, last night, we only had to wait for about 5 minutes til the hostess asked us if we wanted to sit in "The Bus"---HECK YES!!!
I thought it was even sweeter when Levi said, "You should start bringing a camera so we can have pictures of all our dates".  Seriously, that melted my heart!  Isnt he the cutest?!  I loved it!! (If you've ever seen, "I Hate Valentine's Day", it's like when the scrapbooking girl meets the guy who LOVES that she scrapbooks, and doesn't see it as a form of stalking.) 
The food at Hodad's was delicious and I LOVED the onion rings! DELISH!! 
I seriously loved eating in this VW bus!! It was so wicked cool! Well, actually not "cool" temp wise because it was almost like an oven, but it was such a cool experience! 

Since you couldn't really see us in The Bus, we had to take some ourselves.  Levi doesn't really like his 'photo smile' since he thinks its fake. So I had to get him to laugh, and then his cute lil smile finally came out.

While I wrapped up eating my burger, he asked if I wanted anymore of our onion rings and fries. I declined and then he asked the server for a 'doggie bag'.  Then he said, "We'll finish up here, stop by the car to grab a bottle of water and then we'll find someone to give the water and food to." He remembered!! (yes, given, it was just the night before) How could I not fall more into "like" with this man after that?!  It seriously meant a lot to me and touched my heart that he made it a priority to have charity for another.  We walked around OB for a bit because it's a lil difficult to tell who's homeless and who's just kickin' it at the beach.  This time, he was the one to extend the offer to a gentleman and he did it with such kindness and tenderness.  MELT. MY. HEART. FOR. SURE.!!! 
We walked the pier in OB, since that was another place I had never been to. It was a lovely walk, although I felt about 10 months prego cause I was SO full!  We later hung out in Harbor Island, sat on a bench and talked, in depth.  It was so enjoyable!
I love getting to know him.  Seriously, he's so accommodating and goes the extra mile in doing all the lil things.  It's easy being totally open and honest with him.  We've been pretty open about certain aspects in our lives, and I'm glad.  He's not LDS, but surprisingly he's familiar with some of the chapels and the temple in Las Vegas.  With PajamaPants' wedding (commitment ceremony) coming up this Saturday, I have NO idea what the heck is up with Mr. Red.  He's been incognito for a couple weeks now, so I can't gamble going to this wedding by myself.  Levi totally offered to go with me and I couldn't be more grateful. I mean, who just does that--what man volunteers to go to a wedding, not to mention, a gay wedding?!?  See! He's just that nice!
Well, I'm going to enjoy this man, because who can't help but like a man who thinks I'm beautiful, kind and gracious? Yep, I'm going to soak it all in....

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