Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 11: Military.

When I was on my LDS mission in New Jersey, I had the wonderful opportunity of living in Bordentown, which placed me in the North Hanover LDS Ward.  There were four missionaries in the ward and the two Elders who were also assigned to the ward, lived in Wrightstown.  At one time, the ward used to be called the Fort Dix/McGuire Ward, for the Army & Air Force base.
There were a lot of military members, both active and retired, in the ward.  Having grown up in San Diego, I was used to having Navy & Marine servicemen and women around the city. Many of my friends' Dads were in the Navy.
I remember when the war first broke out in 2003.  The following Sunday there were so many men gone from the N. Hanover Ward.  It was a very surreal realty of the war and how close to home it had hit.  It must have been a 15:1 ratio of women to men for the first few weeks after deployment.  Luckily our Bishop, who was also in the military, wasn't called away to war.  Knowing and loving these ward members made me have a greater appreciation for military members and their families.  I remember earnest prayers on behalf of the military and the sacrifices of their families. I had and still have a great appreciation for the military and their families.
A few years back, I became good friends with two YSA military members.
It became real again, as to knowing and caring for those in the military.  I remember more earnest prayers offered up on their behalf and their fellow servicemen and women.  They were my friends, not just strangers in a uniform. It's funny how quickly your perspective can change when it becomes personal.  
I am so truly grateful for all those who sacrifice on my behalf so that I can enjoy the freedoms of this great country.  God bless America and all those brave souls who uphold Freedom and Liberty!

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