Monday, November 24, 2014


Today, we had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Levi's family. Sometimes, it still trips me out that I have "in-laws". From the get go, Levi's Dad has always been kind and welcoming to me. I think he's very nice and funny. The only problem I've ever had is that sometimes I can't hear him. He speaks kinda low and my hearing in my left ear isn't great, so sometimes I miss what he's saying. Most times he's cracking a joke, so I just start chucking when he laughs. Other than that, I like him and his {new} wife. I wish we could see more of them because I do enjoy their company. 
So we meet up with Levi's Dad, Sister & her family to go miniature golfing. It was a pleasant way to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. 
That's my father-in-law, Grampy. He was kind enough to pay for our round of miniature golf. I felt like a kid. It was a fun course!
That's my partner in crime. I think he looks pretty dang hot with his sunglasses on, his fresh hair cut and scruffy face. Then again, I think he's HOT all the time! 
So I think he came in first and I.... Well, I was terrible! At one hole it took me 7 tries! It was pathetically sad!! Then I hit my ball so hard, it jumped the sidewalk and got lost in the plants! Luckily, my brother in law, Pedro, found a replacement in those same bushes. Sadly, I came in last! Even Levi's 5 year old niece beat me. Ugh.... Terrible!! Or maybe I didn't want her to be last and "played" terribly? Hmmmm :) 
After mini golf, Kate & Pedro went to ride on the go carts while Levi, Grampy & I went to play for tickets for Kate.

I had a lil wager with my hubby. Whoever had the highest score out of the games could pick where we went to dinner. By the way, his skeeball lane was on the right. I won one game and the rest were games in which he got at least 50 more points than I did! Have I ever mentioned how AWESOME he is at anything & everything!! Seriously, he beat all of us by golfing left handed!! And he's right handed for crying out loud!! It just bites that I'm so dang competitive!!! But I'm glad he doesn't gloat about it, at all! He's much more humble than me!
Moving along.... I liked her reaction when we gave her the tickets! I think she was overwhelmed by the 900+ tickets she just scored!
Kate is such a sweet little girl!
I really like this photo of these two. They're so dang cute! Plus I always love watching Levi with her. He's so caring and attentive. It makes me so excited to make him a father, someday.
All in all, I had a great time with all of them. I look forward to making more memories with them, in the future.

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