Saturday, May 5, 2012

The "1am, I should be packing" post.

The Good:  I bought a Crock pot today.  I don't think I know ANYONE who buys a Crock pot.  I've only ever seen them acquired at bridal showers.  Dang it.....yet another reason to get married! :)  Also, a friend gave me two tickets to Island Divine!  It's very similar to Taste of Hillcrest, but all in one place and not stretched across several city blocks.

The Bad: I've only packed about 1/6 of my room and need to get it all out of here by noon tomorrow (Saturday).  ideally by 9am would be better.....we'll see. By the way, it is NOT fun getting lost in Ikea.  EVERYTHING looks the same, so even though you think you're getting closer to the check out, you're actually just walking by the same section for the 5th time. 

The Ugly:  I went to Taco Bell 3 times today. 
1. I hadn't eaten all day and desparately needed something to eat (2 Chulpas & Cinnamon twists)
2. Driving home around midnight, I needed some caffeine for my looooong night of packing.(Diet Pepsi)
3. After picking up some tickets from a friend's house [about twenty minutes ago], I was REALLY craving the crushed ice at TB.  It would be awkward to just ask for a cup of ice, so I ordered Cinnamon Twists.  When I got up to the window, the employee was pretty dang cute!! Blonde, blue eyed, tall & cuddly (ie: not a skinny mini).  I was on the verge of saying "You're cute!", (which I'm sure would have totally made his night) ............but, I look pretty haggardly tired, not wearing a bra under my hoodie & driving my Mom's mini-van.  Nothing about it would have been impressive, and I barely wanted to look at the guy.  Even as I type this, I'm tempted to go back and tell him..........but really, who does that?  Besides, I swore off men & dating, this month.

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Anonymous said...

I love your posts. I have purchased a crock pot since I know I have not had a bridal shower or wedding.
Yes, you should go make the cutie pattotie's night at Taco Bell.
I miss seeing you on Sundays!!! Can we do a bike ride or a sewing lesson soon?

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