Sunday, May 27, 2012

Like a youngin'.

I went to the Single Adult dance tonight (31 years old & up) and MAN, it was different.

There were 60 year olds (and up!) dancing to Justin Bieber.  

I came across two of my friends' Moms. I was dancing with Hermanita's mom, which was totally cool because I love her dearly.  But the other, just would have felt EXTREMELY awkward.  

But Iam was there and that made me happy.  I'll be seeing him on Tuesday for our softball meeting.  

Oh yeah, did I mention that I joined a softball league? Ask me why.  Because Iam's in charge of it.  Lame, but true.  Besides, I like softball.  I LOVE batting, but I'm not a big fan of running to the bases.  Ugggggh. We'll see how that goes.

Such a fun night!

Ok, I'm off to watch The Godfather, part 2.  G'nite.

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