Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh Thursday, I love you!

My Thurday started off with a morning phone call from this guy I've been talking to. [It's nothing serious so he doesn't get a nickname yet]  Oh he makes me smile. 
Around noon I had lunch with Mr. Red.  As always, it was a very lovely chance to be friends with him in real life ("real life", that's what I call spending time with someone "in person"), I've truly missed just being able to talk and laugh with him.  It was very nice.  Now that he's busy with his girlfriend and her kids, times like that will be few and far between.  
I was able to find the Mason jars that I've been searching high and low for! I was able to fill them with all my legumes! YUM! Looks awesome! Also did some "Thrifting" in the afternoon--so much fun! So many great treasures! Found two chairs for the kitchen for $15 (for both)--total score! 
Last night, I went to play Volleyball with my ol' YSA ward.  Oh I've missed them all so much! I love all my ol' friends so dearly! It was just a great ending to a terrific day! I love when Thursdays shape up to be the best days ever! Love it!

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