Tuesday, May 1, 2012


*Here's a lil video of my bike ride with Liz.  It was a great ride to Coronado, but on the way back, we were biking into the wind--which makes it very tiring and difficult.  So yes, we're out of breath, but trying to laugh and have a good time!  Can I just say how HARD it is to bike with one hand, let alone trying to take pictures and record a video!  And in case you never knew, biking and laughing is VERY hard to do as well! Makes for a very wobbly ride.
My sister made the BOMB biscuits on Sunday. Yep, just like the ones they make at Red Lobster. Oh man, they were DELICIOUS!!  I think I ate a dozen......or very close to it.  I'm starting to love Sunday/family dinners again.  For a very long time they were hard, but now, due to the SCRUMPTIOUS food we've been having, it makes it so enjoyable. 

*I met up with Freshman15, the other night.  Well, it was fun, but I think it just reaffirms my desire to take a break from guys & dating.  He was way cute, but, we want two very different things right now.  Besides, I'm going to be VERY busy because...

*I'll be moving this week.  It won't be far, at all. {plus side, I'll only be 2.2 miles from the beach! AWESOME!!}  But I'm just tired of moving.  I never had to do it before my mission, then in the first month of my mission, I did it 4 times.  After my mission, I did it about 4 times within the first 18 months of being back {college}.  Then in Dec. 2010....and now, this week.  I hate packing, as is...so moving, to me, is "PACKING x DEATH".  Ok, maybe not that extreme, but I just can't stand it! Which is difficult because....

*My Meniere's has been pretty bad lately.  Not only has the "whooshing" in my left ear increased, I'm dizzy a lot more.  I just hope it doesn't get worse, to the point of falling because of extreme light headedness.  Just the thought of moving is already mentally tiring and I haven't even started packing. 

*Be positive Ehu.... Change can be good, remember?  

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