Monday, May 14, 2012


I received a pink Carnation at my parents new ward, for Mothers day. As I was smelling it right now, my Tutu came to mind. Makes me think back to when she would garden at my parents old house. I remember those little mini carnations. Smelling my pink carnation brought her back to life for me.  Oh I miss her so. 9 years ago, I wish I had called her on Mothers day, when I was on my mish.  I even asked my Mission President if that would be ok that I call her instead of my Mom.  I didn't want to get homesick and I knew that my twice a year phone call home would totally surprise her. I wish I did call her, that would have been the last time I spoke with her. I can't believe it's almost been 9 years since she passed away.  Time surely flies. 

I've been thinking a lot about Motherhood and being a mother, and all things related.  

I'm grateful for those women in my life who are wonderful examples of motherhood.  My sister gave a wonderful talk on motherhood, yesterday at church. I think she is a shining example of the kind of mother I hope to be, someday.  She is kind, loving, funny, very intelligent, personable and all around awesome.  I'm thankful to have Mama McK as well.  She couldn't have come into my life at a more perfect time.  She was a missionary here in SD about two years ago, which she also happened to be the mom of two of my friends.  She loves me unconditionally, gives me an earful when needed and has an empathetic heart at all times.  I love her dearly.   
I'm blessed with so many friends who are amazing moms to their young children. I listen to their experiences and watch them fulfill their roles with a loving heart.  Their children are blessed beyond measure to have the mothers that they do.  
As for my own mom, I've learned to perfect the art of civility and patience. We haven't had the best relationship in the last couple years.  It's been very difficult.  I've learned a lot more of what type of mom I hope to be someday.  We'll see.....  

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