Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bub @ LAX & Pandas at large!

As previously mentioned, my missionary had a 7 hour layover at LAX, so we drove up on Monday to hang out with him for a couple hours.  
It was so good to see him.  Man, I couldn't stop taking photos of him! I was just that excited to see him!

 He's changed, a bit, but for good.  He's a lil more mellow and quieter, which can come in handy as a missionary.  I missed hugging him so much!! Oh my Bub, I can't believe how fast time has surely flown by!! He's a grown man now!!!  22 more months til I get to see and hug him again.  I hope and pray that all will be well with him, in the Philippines!  Oh Bub ♥

This Halloween has been fantastically wonderful!! I couldn't have been more pleased to have spent it with Levi. He is so generous, kind and loving!!  Oh how I love this man dearly.  I ALWAYS have the best of times with him!


This has been the most celebrated Halloween, ever in my life.  I owe it all to this man.  Oh I sure do love him dearly!!! Thank you Levi for being the BEST boyfriend ever! 

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Anonymous said...

I love the picture with the panda in the background...did you bring that with you? Just kidding. Panda's must love you to be everywhere you are!!!

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