Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Warm my heart!

Yesterday, I was going through serious Levi withdrawals.  I know I just saw him on Saturday, as well as on Monday when I took him well as yesterday, when I took him some Kalua Pig & Taro for lunch.  Nonetheless, I was missing him oh so badly.  Especially since his 3 week trip is coming up this next Monday.  I told Levi what was troubling me and I tried to be hopeful and patient for our date this Friday.  Fortunately/Unfortunately, his plans with his Dad changed and his evening was we were able to spend sometime together.  I didn't care what we did, as long as I could see him and spend time with him, I would be as happy as a bee! (Are bees really happy?)
I arrived at his house and saw the light on in the garage, so I went over to see if he was outside with his Dad working on (wood) toys.  As I walked up, his Dad greeted me with a big smile and a chuckle in his voice.  Before I could finish saying, 'hello', Mr. B started to tell me that I'm always welcome in their home.  He said that he's noticed how happy Levi has been and knows that I make Levi very happy, so he can't help but be grateful for the change that I've brought to his son's life.  
Oh man, I cannot tell you how hard I had to fight back tears!  My heart was warmed and I felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation.  Mr. B went on to say that I'm more than welcome to come over to their house anytime I wanted, even while they were working in the garage, or if I wanted to come over while Levi wasn't there, I was more than welcome to....even if I wanted to come over to cook dinner for him before he got home from work, I could do so.   Mr. B was so happy that I made his son happy, but I just wanted him to know that it was a definite two-way street.  I told him that Levi makes me just as happy, as well.   I was just so touched by what Mr. B had to say and just the warm welcome and invitation I had in their home...that meant a lot to me.  I know how happy I've made Levi, but just having it confirmed by his Dad meant so much more.  
I love this man so much.  No other man has ever treated me the way he does.  He goes above and beyond to make me happy, without any expectations.  I know how busy he is, during this last week before this trip, but he gave up a free night of relaxing to spend it with me.   That meant so much to me because I needed it more than he'll ever know.   He puts up with my VERY tearful episodes with sensitivity and tenderness.  He communicates with me when I'm upset and explains things so I understand and see where he's coming from.  He's the poster boy....golden boy of patience.  I can't help but think of how incredibly LUCKY I am to have found him, but more so, that he could like & love someone like me.   Since the first day I met him,  I've never felt judged or inferior in any way.  I can be open and honest with him about everything, and I trust him completely.  Heaven knows that I am far from perfect, and unfortunately Levi's seen some of that this past week...but lucky for me, he doesn't love me any less.  I just want to make him unbelievably happy because he already does that for me.  ♥


Nathan and Sarah said...

He is a lucky guy! I love seeing you so happy. You are an amazing beautiful woman and you deserve to be treated like a queen!

maricel said...
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maricel said...

told ya it was the "year of ehu."
mark my words, amiga. :)

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