Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dia de los Muertos

On Friday night, we cruised down to Old Town to check out the Dia de los Muertos festivities.  

I LOVE this holiday.  I love all the sugar skulls and just what this holiday represents.  My sister and I are fascinated by it and enjoy it all.  This year, it was fun to share it with Levi.

Levi and I checked out several of the alters and some of the DdlM festivities that were going on around Presidio Park.  It was so neat to see, as well as all those who dressed up for the occasion.  

Alters, to remember dear loved ones. 
As we waited for our table, at the Old Town Mexican Cafe, my niece had her face painted
She was pretty excited for it!  I'm not gonna lie, I kinda wanted my face painted too! :)

I'm stoked that my friend Tat was able to cruise down as well
Dia de los Muertos is just one of those holidays that it's better to experience with a group of people.  Besides, it's Old Town, there's just a lot of cool things to check out!  I love it.  Dinner was FANTASTIC and I LOVE LOVE LOVE mariachis!!  Seriously, I think my heart is half Mexican!  I'll have to explain in detail why I love mariachis so much...but for now, I leave you with this lil gem:

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