Tuesday, November 13, 2012


....is bad!
Tonight I was guilty of it....but just a lil bit.
I was shooting some pics of tonight's FHE, with Ame's Canon camera and man, I was LOVIN' it!! Photography is SO different behind the lens of an SLR, especially a DSLR!  I forget how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE photography til I'm behind the lens of a real camera, not just a point and shoot.  Photography is my love and my passion and I haven't been doing it much lately, which makes me kinda sad.  Hopefully, if the weather's nice this weekend, I'll go out shooting with Tat's Canon.
I'm a Canon girl, always have been, since my first AE-1 that I "borrowed" from my Mom.  My first photo shoot was when I was 10, and took several photos of Barbie's wedding with Ken.  There's just something magical about being behind the camera. I LOVE IT.
When I got home from FHE, I couldn't stop thinking about Ame's camera.  I know there's a difference between "Needs" and "Wants"--somehow, when it comes to photography, it's more of a "need" to own this beauty:

I know, I know....it's not a Canon.  I feel like a traitor! But I can't help it! It's RED!! How many RED DSLR's have you seen?? Oh it's just so pretty! And I really really like the features! Oh man, I think I definitely need this camera!

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Anonymous said...

Cannon actually has a red one...i wanted it but couldn't justify the expense.

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