Friday, November 30, 2012

Leavin' on a jet plane....

Tomorrow, I fly to Seattle.  I'm somewhat packed--just trying to go through it and lighten my suitcase.  
I'm getting nervous and antsy.  But more nervous than antsy. 
My Meniere's has been kicking my trash lately, so I REALLY REALLY hope that Dramamine does its job tomorrow!
I'm trying to remind myself how much I love to fly, once I'm in the air.  I'm not the biggest fan of take-off, but once we're stable in the sky, I'm ok.  I didn't enjoy flying for such a long time, but I'm grateful that I was finally able to enjoy it, when I had to fly home from my mission, ALONE. 

I've got all that I need....
Red Vines.
2 magazines.
"Friday Night Knitting Club" book.
My journal.
My iPod.
and my fave....
Cranberry juice!

I like to only ever drink Cranberry juice, when I'm flying.  It's my favorite juice, so it's like a sweet treat I get to enjoy and calm my nerves, while I'm flying. 

AHHHHHH.... man, I'm nervous!  I'm sure that once I'm on the plane, I'll be ok.  Ugh... stupid take off.

Seattle, here I come....

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