Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yeaaaaaah..... I can't help it, I'm addicted. 
I see one pin...then I'm on another board...and then pinning more pins.... {then repeat}
There's just so many different ideas that I want to remember them all, so I'm repinning all over my boards!  
Lately, I've been checking out Valentines Day pins, for my niece....which makes me look forward to Valentines Day!  There's so many cool Valentines ideas, for her, that I actually want to make some and pass them out to my friends.  Yeah yeah, I'm 32 but I think it's ok to celebrate passing out Valentines to close friends.  Besides, I know I would be totally ok if a friend gave me a Valetines--I'm just saying. You're never too old to celebrate love.


Anonymous said...

I now know why we are friends I too have little V Day cards for friends. I think it helps us stay young and have fun!!

steph k said...

I love that you're pinning all the valentine's stuff! That means I don't have to! XD

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