Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oil & Water.

The other night,  I was kickin' it with my two nephews and man, could they be any more different from each other.  Heaven knows that they are polar opposites...and they know it too.  The youngest one, Kalanster use to like pushing Sim's buttons--I think he probably still does.  To sum it up, they're like oil and water.
Well, it was fun gettin' to just kick it with them and talk.  They don't see me as an "aunt" and I'm truly grateful for that.  Especially, since I'm not really close with my aunts.  I don't quite see them as nephews, but more like younger brothers.  However, I think we still respect each others' roles as nephews & aunt.  
The other night, I wanted a brutal honest opinion from them and Sim was still kind about it.  If I pose the same request from Kalanster, it's a lot harsher, but still honest.  Kalanster and I are pretty open about different topics and I value that in our relationship.  I don't disclose things that I shouldn't, as an aunt, but I appreciate the honesty we have with each other.  
I'm truly grateful for the close relationship that we've cultivated, over the years.  They're my closest friends and my favorite family members.  I love them, as well as my other nephew & niece oh so much.    I'm pretty dang lucky, if I do say so myself.

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