Friday, January 25, 2013

Let It Be.

Dear Ehu,
How are you?  How have you been feeling lately?  A lil stressed, it sounds like.  What have you been doing to alleviate feeling overwhelmed and stressed?  Have you been to your "thinking spot" lately? I know you thought about it the other night, but sometimes, you need to unwind and get your mind off of things.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  You know Peej has always told you not to over think things.  Mr. Red told you that 90% of the things we worry about doesn't happen.  Levi has even told you that there will be bigger things to worry about later, why worry about the small stuff now.  
I know you come from a family, more so parents, who over-worry and over-think.  But you don't have to be ANYTHING like them.   It's A-OK to breathe, "let it be" and enjoy life.  
Seriously, it's okay.   

Just think, 90% of the things you worry about WON'T  HAPPEN. So get it through your thick head....soon, because there's TOO much of life to enjoy....TO LIVE!  Isn't life great?  You KNOW that it is.  So get out there....breathe and "let it be".  
Because every minute you waste worrying, is 60 seconds of happiness you've let go of. 


So in case worry starts to creep in, try this out. You'll thank, girl, do you really want wrinkles to start?! ;)

1. 80-90 percent of what you fear will happen never really come into reality.
2. Don’t mountains out of molehills.
     a. Zoom out. 
     b. Bring awareness to you own thought patterns.
     c. Realize that much of this is in your head.
3. Let go of that familiarity and certainty.
4. Focus on a solution.
5. Tomorrow will come anyway. Live and fully enjoy here and now.

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