Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drive In Date!

Yesterday, Levi and I had a hard time trying to decide what we were going to do for a date.  At the last minute we decided we'd try the drive in, to see Mama....and luckily at the drive-in, it's always a two-for-one special, for $7!  I haven't been to the South Bay drive-in since Lion King came out, mid-90's. 
Oh man, can I just say that I am now the biggest fan of drive in theaters!! Seriously, I LOOOOOOVED it!!!!!  

1. 2 movies for $7 (one admission)
2. Volume control - which was great since my ears are congested. 
3. I can talk, comment and crack jokes as much as I want. 
4. We can bring in food, drinks and blankets.  
5. Seat control.
6. I can stand whenever I want, walk around and just stretch at any time. 
7. Listening to the oldies music, before the [drive-in] movie, made me feel like we were in 1950's.

I'm a huge fan of just being able to move around and make noise as much as I want.  Besides, it was just a fun date.  As much as I love going on movie dates, it's hard to connect with someone during the movie. However, at a drive-in it's ok to talk as much as you want -  as long as the other person/people with you don't mind. {So glad Levi is SO easy going.}  Last night was probably one of my top 3 favorite dates with Levi! I would HIGHLY recommend everyone and anyone to head to a drive-in near them! SOON!

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