Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FHE Monday & Free Tuesday.

I'm really starting to enjoy my ward, more and more.  I've made some great friends in the last year and FHE has been more enjoyable.  This past Monday night, we played Family Feud: Battle of the Sexes.  It was rather fun and I was grateful for all the friends that came out!
Especially this friend....he's just so dang cute!
I'm also really glad that Mac is back in town and HOPE to have him back on my FHE committee.  He's just such a fun cool guy and he also gave such a wonderful lesson on Family.  Towards the end of his lesson, he gave us two minutes to text or call a family member.  How neat is that?  I texted my Mom to thank her for the dinner she sent me to FHE with.... and in the meanwhile got a sweet text from Levi.
After FHE, there was basketball practice and some [double dutch] jump roping going on...

I think the reaction on his face is the BEST part! 
I'm so glad that I stuck with the ward.  I'm grateful for a Home Teacher that advised me that "the more I put into it something, the more I get out of it"--it couldn't more true for my ward and the friends I've made.
Luckily, Levi had Tuesday off, so we were able to spend the day together.  Since it was Tuesday and Balboa Park has certain museums that have free admission for SD residents, we cruised on down to the BP and had some chill time....with a lot of other SD residents.  We went to the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Museum of Man and Mingei International Museum. It was fun being a lil more cultured.  The weather was just right and it was fun being together mid-week, during the day.

Afterwards, we went to Fuddruckers for linner {lunch + dinner}.  Growing up, we use to go there all the time, but I never really enjoyed it.  It was only after I was with Levi, did I realize that greatness of the Swiss Melt burger and the joy of jalapeno cheese on fries.  Oh man, do I love that place now!! Sooo delicioussssss! All in all, it was a pretty fantastical day!

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