Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Levi!

This past Thursday was Levi's birthday.  I like to make a big deal out of birthdays, because I think it should be a special day for that special someone.   I know I'm a lil late, but I always like to dedicate a blog post to the birthday-ee.... so here's my top 10 reasons why Levi is pretty dang special to me.

*He makes me laugh! He's so quick-witted! Sometimes my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard! He is SO. MUCH. FUN.!!!
*He's extremely kind & caring! He puts others before himself.  He always has a sense of "taking care of me", which makes me want to reciprocate all of his generosity. 
*I LOVE the fact that he ALWAYS opens my car door.  It makes me feel like a lady.  I've always wanted a man who would do this for me. In turn, I like to lean over to unlock his door.
*He's so tremendously patient & easy going!  Which helps because I'm rather it kinda rubs off on me. 
*Even though we don't share the same religion, he's never been antagonistic.  In fact, he's so supportive of it, as well as my ward calling. 
*He's intelligent! I like the fact that he likes to read.  Especially since he knows a whole lot about a whole LOT of things. I've always liked someone who's a 'jack of all trades'.  
*He's cute! Oh man, I think he is so hot when he smiles & laughs! I LOVE it! How'd I get so lucky to find someone this hot, smart AND funny! I can't help but stare at his face, at times. 
*He knows how to be a man! I love how manly he is! Especially how gentlemanly he always is, with me. 
*He spoils me....not just with tangible stuff, but with his love, attention and affection.  Something I've been longing for, for a very long time.
*Life is just so much more better with him.  Life is A LOT more fun, more enriching and just all around amazing...with him.

Happy {belated} birthday, sweetheart.

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Anonymous said...

this made me smile cuz I know how happy he makes you and that makes me happy

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