Friday, January 11, 2013

Valentines Day....

I FINALLY watched Valentines Day and man, that was pretty funny! Mamacita had been telling me about this movie for years, and I wish I watched it sooner!  I also like the movie, I Hate Valentines Day--so dang funny. 
As I've been looking up Valentines ideas on Pinterest, for my niece, I can't help but look forward to Valentines Day!  Growing up, my Dad always made a big deal about it.  He always went to See's Candy to get a box of candy for my Mom and I, and then later my sister when she married into the family.  We'd also receive a bouquet of flowers, along with our chocolates.  I remember one particular Valentines Day, when I was 12, he took us all to Tom Hams Lighthouse restaurant for a lovely dinner. Even though he's blind now,  he still makes sure I buy chocolates and flowers for him, to give to my Mom.  I'm glad he still makes a big deal out of Valentines Day, for her, my sister, niece & I.  That's probably my favorite thing about my Dad. 
But I'm excited for Valentines Day.  I think it's because Christmas was so much fun decorating for and celebrating.  
I think I'll go buy myself some pink roses on Valentines Day.  Every time I see them at Costco, I can't help but want to buy them....but I'm usually on my way to somewhere else and I don't want them to just sit in the car.  Pink roses are my favorite flowers.  I think they're just so pretty and girly, and I love them more than red roses.  I can't wait for Valentines Day.... I just might go buy them sooner than that.  
Oh Valentines've already got me twitterpated. 

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