Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy 32nd Liz!

Today is my best friend, Liz's birthday!  
She's truly one of my oldest friends! I have no idea when our friendship started, because we grew up across the street from each other....but I'm pretty sure it started right after birth.  I have so many cherished childhood memories, with Liz in almost every single one of them.  We were like partners in crime. We played together, every single day after school.  If my parents wouldn't let me out, I'd call her to come over to ask if I could come out to play.  My parents had a hard time turning her down.  It always worked like a charm! :)  
I remember always being invited to her house for birthday parties  There were always reasons to party at her house! I think her Mom loved to throw parties, or something, but I remember first encountering a pinata, at her house.  There was always cake, at each celebration, as well as Liz's Mom with a camera in hand, ready to take photos.  We celebrated almost every holiday together.  We always went trick-or-treating together, and then later decorated and passed out candy for Halloween when we were too old to trick-or-treat.  When we started to realize how fun New Years Eve could be, we started to celebrate that too.  Usually it was just us two with her next door neighbor, Eidde, but we had the best of times together! 

I'm not exactly sure how our friendship has endured all these years.  Maybe it's because she's so easy going and didn't mind when I had a crazy idea or two.  Once while we were walking home from Jr. high, the dog at the end of the block got loose and started to run up to us.  Since I'm terrified of [unfamiliar] dogs, I started to run. So did Liz...but she had a death grip on my shirt, which was slowing me down and the dog was quickly catching up!  In that moment, it became, "every man for himself" and I pushed Liz back and off of my shirt, then ran across the street.  The dog continued chasing her, as she screamed and ran for dear life.  (This was a HUGE dog and Liz is about 5'1!) Luckily, the owner came out and called his dog back! Liz wasn't all too pleased with me for ditching her, but dang, that dog was scary! Sorry Liz.

 I'm sad that we no longer live across the street from each other. I was so blessed to have a wonderful neighbor and a loyal best friend, found right across the street, for 30 years.   Liz has been the most truest and dedicated friend anyone could ever ask for! I don't know how I got this lucky to have her in my life since we were born.  Even though we don't see each other every day now, I miss her so, SO much!   I always thought we'd forever live across the street from each other, even after we grew up and had our own places.  I know that I'll never find a neighbor like Liz again in this lifetime, but that's okay, at least I still have her as my very best friend.

Happy 32nd Birthday Liz! 

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