Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about parenting....
This past Saturday, I watched the 4 Buzz kids. Oh I love those kids to pieces! I've known each of them since they were born and I love them so much because I love their parents dearly.  It's been a wonderful blessing watching Reed & JJ develop into the parents that they are today.  I take a lot of mental notes of what type of parent I hope to be, someday.  I learn a lot from my sister, as well.  She's amazing and I hope to be a mother just like her.
Earlier this year, as I was sitting in Stake Conference (church) I watched my friend Jude deal with her [youngest] toddler son who couldn't sit still.  Jude stood up multiple times, to retrieve her son from the doorway of the cultural hall.  He obviously didn't want to sit down, but there she was, standing up, yet again, to pull him back to his seat.  This went on for close to an hour.  Her husband and 4 older kids, sat contently, listening to the speakers.  I watched in amazement of how she never lost her cool.  How do parents do it?  I was amazed because I'm pretty sure that this is what she goes through every Sunday, just so her young kids can attend church.  How do parents do it? How do they have the patience to train their kids to sit still [and quiet] for church?  It made me think of a blog post, from a few years back, when I was bothered by the noisy children of a [family] ward/congregation.  I was VERY short sighted and quick to judge.  I have a greater admiration and respect for those parents who do their very best to train their young children to sit for an hour, in Sacrament meeting.  I can never pass judgement, again.  To my friend Christin, I apologize for not truly understanding the challenges of hands-on parenting.  It really isn't as easy as it looks, I know this, but I forgot when I passed judgement on the noisy kids in church.  That is not an easy job....but I am sure it is well worth it.  Someday, I'll come to know the blessings (and challenges) of being a parent.
On Monday, I attended the funeral of my friends' infant son, Noah.  He was six months old and passed away due to serious heart complications.  I've never attended the funeral of a baby or child.  It was unlike anything I had ever witnessed.  Just before the funeral started,  Noah's parents walked in.  I was expecting Noah's casket to be carried in by pall bearers, just like any other funeral I've attended. However, what I witnessed was something unlike anything I've ever seen in my life.  Patrick, Noah's father, dutifully and very carefully, carried in his son's casket.  Dani, Noah's mother & Patrick's wife, walked behind him.  There was a reverent silence in the chapel.  It's was a beautiful and heart wrenching scene that had unfolded in front of all of our eyes.  My heart hurt for Patrick and Dani, at their young tender age they were already burying their first baby.  They were no longer the young adults I had once known, because they grew up immensely during these last six months.  I marveled at their strength and the unity they shared during this most difficult time.  Watching Patrick carry his baby son's casket, with a good woman behind him, has made a deep impression upon my heart.  
I don't know when I'll become a parent, but I look forward to it, with all of my heart. I admire my friends who are such great parents to their children.  I know it won't be easy and there will probably be challenging times, but I cannot wait.  It's something I've wanted for such a long, long time.

Noah's two aunts sang this song and their version (not this video) was so beautiful. 
 I just wanted to share this beautiful song. 

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