Monday, October 1, 2012


Dude, I'm pretty stoked for October! Seriously, I've never been so happy to see October before! 
I LOOOOOVE the cooler weather!! Sweater weather, baby!
I'm stoked for all the fall flavors that come out around this time! 
I miss seeing red & gold trees, on the east coast.
I love Dia de los Muertos and going to Old Town to celebrate it!
There's just something wonderful about this time of year! 
I'm pretty dang excited!

But maybe most of that excitement comes from the fact that I'm going on a date tonight.  I met someone last week, and last night was our first date.  We went to Buca di Beppo for dinner and it was scrumptious!  Levi is so dang cute! Seriously, it was what a date should be like: "planned for, paid for and paired off(Elder Oaks' talk).  It's something my friends have been trying to engrain in me for the last several weeks.  And with Levi, it totally was!  I like this guy... yes, even more so than Ely.  Levi has all his ducks in a row; he has a job, he understands and makes the time for a relationship (and actually WANTS one!), he's very family oriented, he's physically affectionate and reciprocates my physical gestures, and wants to communicate on all levels! I love it!  He's unlike TheBaker and Ely and I'm hap-hap-happy!! 

*Just to clarify about the "physical affectionate" part....  I'm a touchy feely person; I love to give and receive hugs, I like to rub someone's back (no, not in church, that's just weird), or I hold someone's hand when they're emotional.... I can connect better with someone when I'm touching them. So in case anyone things that it's all rated-R type of've got A LOT to learn about the power of touch!  

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