Thursday, March 15, 2012


Last Friday, my nephew and I went biking up the Coronado Strand. We biked from Imperial Beach, found this random trail that took us to Chula Vista, and then biked from there to the Coronado Ferry Landing.  Altogether, it was about 14 miles.  Oh man, I don't think I've ever biked that much in my life (sad, but true).   I've been wanting to do the Strand for a while, and luckily I've got a willing & kind nephew who biked it with me.  He's biked about 350 miles before (down the coast of Cali) so this would be a walk in the park for him.  Which it was! I was SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW, but you know what, I finished it! And I'm happy for myself!   Sure, he biked WAY ahead of me and would bike back to check on me, then would do it all over again....but slow & steady also completes the race!  We stopped for a few minutes at a time, because there was so much to take pictures of--things that go unnoticed when driving in a car.  My parents wanted to meet us in Coronado for lunch, and due to time restraint, we ended up getting a ride back with them.  All in all, it was a fun ride. 

Yesterday, I went to bike it again, by myself this time. However, I didn't go as far. I only went half way, stopped to have lunch on the beach and turned around.  I made MUCH better time, on the way back. I didn't stop as much, probably just once to drink some water and take photos.  But there I was, slow & steady, at times a lil faster due to the song at the moment.  It was 10.5 miles! Wowzers! I'm happy with that! It was so refreshing! I loved it! Me, my bike & my tunes! FUN!  As I look out the window and see clear blue skies and sunhine, I'm VERY tempted to grab my bike and go riding!
When I'm huffing and puffing, pushing myself to go a lil faster and make it to a certain goal point, I think, "Damn, why did I eat so poorly and let myself get so out of shape?!" , (during a Britney Spears song) "Oh yeah, this is why I'm gonna stick with biking, someday I'm gonna look like that!", "Hell yeah I need to lose weight and look good for the beach this summer!". Overall, I just need to be healthier. I've stopped drinking soda, for Lent, but I think I'm just going to drop it altogether.  I've greatly increased my water intake and started drinking milk with my meals (I tend to be lactose intolerant). Plus, I LOVE fresh juice at Houston's.  All in all, this is the heaviest I've been and it needs to GO! Happy Biking to ME!!


rneweyfamily said...

Matt used to bike all over when he stayed down there with Grandma. As soon as our road isn't mud anymore I think I will have to get my bike up and ready so I can go riding.

Ashlee Peterson said...

My roommate is WAY into biking. She does it a lot. Me, not so much, but I've also decided to get healthier. I want to run a 5k this summer and so far I'm up to 1.25 miles AND I've worked out every day (M-Sat) for four weeks now! I'm actually gaining weight and I HOPE it's muscle. Keep up the biking!! It's great for your legs ;)

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