Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Juicin' my way towards Patience!

As mentioned in my previous posts, Houston use to juice my carrots.  It could sound like a metaphor, which totally makes me chuckle, but I promise it's not.   I loved drinking fresh juice at Houston's because A) I LOVE juice, especially fresh juice!  B) I didn't have to do anything :]  C) It reminded me of my Grandfather who use to make me fresh juice. 
Anyways, I've been longing for Carrot & Apple juice and gave into buying some at the store. Oh man, it was wretchedly HORRIBLE!! So dang gross!!  Today, I decided to stop longing for my fresh juice at Houston's and just buy a juicer! Unfortunately, Bed, Bath & Beyond only had them online so now I have to wait, 3-8 days til it gets here!! {Also, unfortunately, I bought the same exact one as Houston's.  YAY for me not trying to think fo him! Geeez} As I was walking around BB&B, I wanted to just buy one that I could take home that very moment! But for $58, I can wait...........not patiently, but I can learn to wait.  In the meanwhile, I'll look up all the juicing recipes that I plan on making! Can't wait!!

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