Thursday, March 29, 2012


*I shouldn't be bummed, but I am. I miss Houston, terribly.  I miss his morning texts that I received EVERY morning.  Long story short, he reiterated the fact that he only wants to be friends, right now.  At least I tried, I put myself out there and could only hope that he would share the same feelings.  Oh well, I tried and I'm happy I did.   

*I couldn't be more grateful for my dear friend Izzy. God sent me an angel to console my aching heart, in the very moment I needed one.  I don't like to let many people see me cry. To me, that's always been a sign of weakness.  She let me cry without making me feel stupid or weak.  She didn't judge anything that came out of my mouth.  She was the best friend that I needed in my time of sadness.

*From a Facebook post left on Ash's page: Remember how we talk about not throwing stuff out in the universe, unless you want it? Last night, I was thinking of an ex that I tried contacting months ago, but found out he had a new number. I was wishing I could talk with him because we haven't talked in a couple years. This morning I woke up to a text from him!!!! Out of the blue!!! Crazy, right?!?! He said that he was just thinking about me and wondered how I was doing. Ok, now I need to start thinknig of winning the Mega lotto tonight....   {And no, I wasn't lookin' for a "rebound", Riddler lives in Utah, no possibility there}

*My niece Novee's birthday was on Tuesday.  She's 11 now! I can't believe it!! Time flies by so quickly! I'll have to do a birthday post for her! 
*Went to the beach yesterday, man it was bitterly cold!!! The sun was out yet it was so windy! I got some sun on my pale legs and arms (as you can see above). I tried biking the Strand on Tuesday, but geez Louise, it was SOOOO windy! Biking into the wind was HARD!!! As I biked from the Strand to the beach in Imperial Beach, I think I saw Houston driving away from his place. I didn't want to look at him, I would have turned to mush. ANYWAYS, have I mentioned how much I LOVE living in San Diego?!?! I need to find a place on the beach! I just can't get enough of it!!
*I'm kinda stoked for the weekend and the upcoming week! I'll be going with a friend out to her family's place in Palm Springs to celebrate Passover.  I'm excited for the change of scenery, as well as the opportunity to experience Passover again.
*Tomorrow's the Farmers Market in Imperial Beach. I was/am really looking forward to going to it tomorrow. Part of me hopes to run into Houston, but I think my poor heart wouldn't be able to handle it.  Imperial Beach, I've fallen in love with you.....but sometimes, it hurts to see you. 

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Adriana said...

I love that you put yourself out there. You are an inspiration to me. I am working on being like you. Crying in front of people is hard for me too.
I have next friday off....we should go for a bike ride.
I love your blog!!!!!

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